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Health Benefits Soaked Methi Seeds - Ayurveda Upay

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soaked methi seeds
We used methi to prepare food. It is found in everyone’s home. Methi works as medicine. It is used since ancient time. There are several benefits of soaked methi seeds and its water. Methi has many health problems. Methi has many nutrients such as carotene, copper, zinc, sodium, folic acid and magnesium. Methi purifies the blood and cures much disease.

Blood Pressure: Soaked methi seeds are beneficial for high blood pressure patient. Soaked soya and methi in water for overnight. Next morning, eat it in 5 gm amount. This improves blood circulation in the body and gets relief from blood pressure.

Sperm Count: The regular consumption of soaked methi seeds avoid infertility problem in mail. It increases sperm count and improve its quality.

Gastric Problem: Methi seeds remove toxins from the body and keeps kidney healthy. It also avoids gastric problem such as irritation and acidity.

Weight: Soaked methi easily reduce the weight. Soaked methi seeds in water for overnight. Drink this water in morning. It reduces weight and avoids diseases. It protects the body from diseases.

Piles: Piles is serious problem. Patient suffers a lot due to piles. Soaked the methi seeds and soya in water for overnight. Grind it in morning and drink its juice. It gives relief from piles. You can also put soaked methi seeds on piles.

Sugar: Methi seeds contain soluble fibers that control blood sugar and diabetes.

Skin & Hair: Soaked the methi seeds and prepare its paste. Apply this paste in hair. This makes hair strong and it will not become white. The consumption of methi seeds with empty stomach avoids pimples.

Arthritis: Methi seeds are beneficial in bone pain such as arthritis and sciatica. Prepare mixture of saunth with one gram methi powder. Drink it with hot water twice in a day. It gives relief from arthritis.

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