Saturday, August 11, 2018

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water - Home Remedies

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We all know that hot water is necessary for our body. It is advisable to drink at least 7-8 glass water in a day. Drinking hot water in morning keeps stomach healthy. It increases appetite and improves digestion. It keeps the throat and bladder clean. It gives relief in gout and phlegm. On the other hand, cold water reduces the digestive system, so that it prevents absorption, metabolism and dehydration.

Nose: The hot water steam gives relief from sinus pain. Drinking hot water does not accumulate mucus and the nose remains open.

Food: Digestion remains healthy by drinking hot water. It also gives relief from gas. Drink one glass hot after meal. The food easily digested and stomach remains light.

Nerves: Drinking hot water helps the nerves to relax. One cannot get pain when your nerves system remains calm. Arthritis patient must drink hot water.

Constipation: The lack of water in body created constipation. Drink one glass hot water in morning. This avoids constipation.

Obesity: The mixture of hot water with honey and lemon juice is beneficial to reduce weight. You can also drink one cup hot water after meal.

Blood Circulation: It is necessary to have good blood circulation. Hot water is beneficial in this process. The proper blood circulation in body avoids heart diseases.

Detox: The endocrine system becomes active when you drink hot water. It increases sweat. It removes dirt from the body through sweat.

Natural Pain: The hot water improves blood flow till tissue. It makes muscles relax. It avoids body pain. The muscles has 80% water therefore, it avoids pain.

Stress: Drink hot water if you are suffering with any type of stress. Cortisol is stress hormone, which creates stress in the body. Hot water slows down this hormone and reduces level of stress.

Body: The hot water makes body hydrated. It is necessary to have hydrate body. Every work requires water. Heart rate, nausea, fatigue and headache will increase by keeping body dehydrated.

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