Monday, August 13, 2018

Health Benefits of Belpatra - Ayurveda Upay

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Belpatra is used to worship lord Shiva. It is beneficial to avoid many diseases.

    •    It is beneficial to use belpatra leaves juice to avoid fever. Belpatra juice is also beneficial to avoid irritation of bee, barr or beetle bite. It gives relief from pain.

    •    Belpatra is very beneficial for heart patient. The belpatra juice strengthens heart and avoids risk o heart attack. Belpatra juice is nectar for breathing patients. Drinking belpatra juice has great benefits in breathing disease.

    •    Belpatra juice is beneficial in body heat or mouth ulcers. One can put belpatra leaves in mouth and chew them. This avoids mouth ulcer problem.

    •    Piles are very common disease. Bloody piles are a very painful disease. Extract the juice from root of belpatra and mix sugar in it to prepare powder. Take this powder with cold water in morning-evening. You can eat it three times if you get more pain. It gives instant relief from piles.

    •    Mix raw belpatra pulp, saunf and saunth. Prepare its juice and drink it. Do this remedy for one week. It gives relief.

    •    The problems of cold, cold and fever are often high in rainy season. It is beneficial to drink belpatra juice by adding honey. Also, the paste of it and jaggery is beneficial in ague.

    •    Belpatra juice is beneficial to avoid stomach or intestines worms and diarrhea. It gives good relief in diarrhea.

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