Thursday, August 16, 2018

List of Foods That Prevent Acidity - Home Remedies

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Acidity problem is very common. If you eat any spicy food in breakfast then it becomes acid in the stomach. Acidity occurs only when there is excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. When this secretion gets accelerated then we feel that our heart and throats are burning from inside. 

If you are not taking the right diet or sleeping less then you may also have to fight with acidity. There are some foods such as soda, cheese, chocolate, fried food, tomatoes, milk, citrus fruit, coffee and more tea, whose consumption can lead to acidity problems.

Oatmeal: It easily digested in the body. It absorbs the acid from stomach.

Ginger: It contains anti-inflammatory property and power to digest the food. It protects the formation of acid.

Potato Juice: The consumption of potato juice gives good relief from acidity.

Pineapple: It has plenty of digestive enzymes. It reduces the acid level in the body.

Banana: You can eat cooked banana to avoid throat irritation. Do not eat anything until 1 hour after having banana.

Musk Melon: It is full of potassium that removes acid from the stomach.

Saunf: The saunf leaves are beneficial to avoid acidity.

Sea Food: The sea food specially fish, is beneficial to avoid heart burn.

Carrot: Cabbage, broccoli or carrot is beneficial to reduce chest irritation or acidity.

Spinach: Spinach easily absorbs the stomach acidity. It is extremely beneficial to eat boil spinach.

Coriander: This green leafy vegetable has high amount of water. It reduces the chances of acidity.

Brown Rice: Brown rice and barley cannot create acid in the body. Therefore, it is beneficial to have brown rice and barley.

Baking Soda: It is not food however; the consumption of low amount of baking soda avoids acidity.

Celery: It is beneficial to intake celery with warm water to avoid acidity.

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