Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tips To Maintain Your Eyes Healthy - Home Remedies

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Maintain Your Eyes
Eyes are very soft part of the body. If we cannot take care of it then vision becomes unclear. You can improve vision by having green vegetables and fruits in diet.

Black Plum: It has full amount of vitamin A and C. This avoids eye related problem.

Carrot: Carrot contain carotenoid and beta carotene that avoids weak eye. Carrot juice also avoids other eye problem.

Mango: Mango has good amount of carotenoids that keeps eyes healthy.

Walnut: It has omega 3 acid. Walnut is very beneficial for child’s eye.

Broccoli: It contain anti-oxidant and vitamin that avoids eyes problem.

Fish: It contains omega-3 fatty acid. It strengthens the eye blood cells.

Egg: It has enough amount of protein and vitamin A, which is beneficial for eyes.

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits such as lemon and orange contain vitamin C, vitamin B-12 and beta carotene. It is beneficial for eyes.

Green Vegetables: It has good amount of vitamin A and carotene. It increase the vision of the eyes. Spinach, fenugreek, cabbage and radish are also beneficial for eyes.

Weak Eyes Reason

Reading in Low Light:
The eye lashes spread if you read in low light. It is difficult to identify the difference.

Electronic: According to research electronic screen such as computer, TV and smart phone rays are harmful as sun’s ultraviolet rays. It affects the eyes.

Smoking: Smoking causes damage the macula, which is center of retina. We can easily see the straight thing with macula. It becomes weak during aging. However, smokers face this problem early.

Ultraviolet Rays: The risk of cataract increase due to sunlight. The sun rays burn the cornea and affect the vision.

Blink: Usually, eyes blink 10-15 times in a minute. But we blink eyes 4-5 times while working on computer. This makes eyes dry and creates itching.

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