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Easiest way to Increase Your Weight By Healthy Food

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Many people want to increase their weight. They use such food that increases bed fat in the body.

Easiest way to Increase Your Weight By Healthy Food

Increase Your Weight
Protein Smoothie: Prepare protein smoothie at home. Mix two cup milk or almond milk. You can mix one banana, one chocolate or protein and one teaspoon nuts butter. Also, mix one teaspoon sugar. It gives 400-600 calorie to the body. It is full of protein, vitamin and mineral.

Milk: Milk increase weight and strengthen muscles and bones. Milk is the good source of protein, carbs and fats. Milk is good source for strong muscles. Milk has protein and casein protein. This increase the weight. If you mix sugar in milk products then it increases fat.

Rice: If you eat rice at night then it increases weight. One cup rice gives 190 calorie. It has 43 gm carbs. Those whose stomach fills fast, they should consume more rice to gain weight. Rice is rich in carbs. It is easily digested.

Dry Fruit: Dry fruits are beneficial to increase weight. One pinch of almond contains 7 gm protein and 18 gm fat. If you take nut butter then it has enough amount of calorie.

Potato & Other Starch: Potato and other starch food have enough amount of calorie. Kino, oats, maize, pottu, yam, kashiphal and faliya has enough amounts of carbs.

Wholegrain Bread: It is also good source of carbs. If you mix it in good source of protein then it is helpful to increase weight.

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