Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Home Remedies cum Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

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The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing, nausea coming from the nose, itching in the eye and nose. Drug or surgery is not a permanent solution of allergies. Medicines can control it but cannot remove allergies from the root.

Home Remedies cum Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

    •    Avoid dust, sunlight and cold. Use mask when it requires. Cover your mouth and nose while flying dust.

    •    Always keep your curtains, bed sheets and carpets clean. A plastic cover can also be applied to protect dust from freezing.

    •    Clear with wet clothes rather than cleaning the broom. You can also use the vacuum cleaner.

    •    Do not let the fungus fall on the walls of the house. Clean it with bleach when it is fungus.

    •    Stay away from animals with fur and hair. Soft toys should also be avoided.

    •    It is better to stay away from sharp odor perfumes, deodorants, incense dust etc.

    •    Do not smoke or stay around people who are smoking.

    •    Keep window panels close as far as possible. You can use AC according to need.

    •    Control the entry of cockroaches and mice in the house. Do not allow unused old furniture, mattresses, old files, books, shoes and slippers in the house.

    •    Some small particles coming out of flowering plants, called polyps, are variants of air in the form of allergens.

    •    Pollens are the highest in the atmosphere before 10 o'clock in the morning. Avoid contact with them.

    •    Do not ignore allergic symptoms. Control it with anti-Allergic drugs or spray.

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