Friday, July 13, 2018

Health Benefits of Applying Ghee in Hair

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Ghee in Hair
People use ghee in food however; you can also use ghee in hair. Ghee is extremely beneficial for hair.

Dandruff: If you are suffering with dandruff then apply mixture of ghee and almond oil. This avoids dry skin of hair and dandruff.

Two Face Hairs: The use of ghee in hair is beneficial to avoid two face hairs. It avoids two face hair problems in few days.

Hair Growth: If your hair does not have growth and you want long hair then apply ghee in hair. You can mix Amla or onion juice. Do this remedy once in 15 days.

Conditioner: The use of ghee in hair works as conditioner. It makes hair soft and good. It is also beneficial to use it with olive oil.

Shine: Ghee makes hair soft and natural shine. You can use ghee if your hair does not have shine. It is extremely beneficial to use ghee in hair.

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