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Top 10 Herbs That keeps Both Lungs Healthy

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Lungs are very important part of the body. It keeps us healthy. It absorbs oxygen and removes carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It provide clean blood to the artery. There are several herbs that keeps lungs healthy.

Top 10 Herbs That keeps Both Lungs Healthy

Raisin: Raisin is very beneficial for lung. Soaked 15 pieces of raisin in 150 ml water for overnight. Remove the seeds in the morning. Chew the pulp. Then, drink the water. Do this for 1 month to avoid lung problem.

Honey: Honey is effective remedy for lungs. You should eat it in morning with empty stomach. You can eat one teaspoon honey daily. This strengthens your lungs.

Grapes: Grapes is not only fruit but also it strengthens your lungs. It gives relief from asthma and cough. Therefore, you should daily have grapes.

Fig: It is very good remedy for lungs. Soaked 5 pieces of fig in water and eat it.

Garlic: It protects your lungs. One should eat garlic after meal. This avoids cough problem.

Mulethi: It is very good for health. It avoids cough problem and improves your neck. You can eat Mulethi with betel leaf.

Basil: Take dry basil leaves with camphor, cardamom and katha. Take this mixture twice in a day.

Echinacea: It is a special type of herb. It absorbs the germs from the body and keeps it healthy. It also strengthens the lungs.

Mulberry Leaves: Its leaves are very beneficial for health. It is good medicine for the body. Chewing its leaves avoids lungs disease and cough. It strengthens the lungs.

Mehndi: It is also good medicine for lungs and throat. The consumption of mehndi gives relief in throat and lungs problem. Mehndi also strengthens lungs.

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