Monday, June 18, 2018

Home Remedies To Remove Bad Breath

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bad breath
Many times we get bad breath even after doing brush. There are several products available in the market. However, you can get rid of bad breath with clove water, green coriander or lemonade. Weak digestion, less drinking of water, liver or kidney problem, cavity in teeth, intestine problem and weak liver creates bad breath.

Clove Water: Boil 2-3 cloves in 2 cups of water. When it becomes cool then wash your mouth with it. Do this at least 5 times in a day. This avoids bad breath.

Salt & Mustard Oil: Mix a pinch of salt in one drop mustard oil and rub it on gums. This avoids toothache, yellowness and bad breath from mouth.

Saunf: Chew one small teaspoon saunf after meal. This avoids bad breath.

Green Tea: Green tea contains polyphenol compounds that do not allow bacteria to grow. Drink 1 teaspoon of green tea daily and remove the stench of breath.

Green Coriander: Coriander contains chlorophyll that avoids bad breath. Take green coriander and soak it in vinegar and chew it for 3 minutes. This avoids bad breath.

Lemon: Mix 2 teaspoon lemon juice in 1 glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this water at least 2 times a day. Mouth will not dry and bacterial also reduces.

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