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How To Control High And Low Blood Pressure? - Home Remedies

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Blood Pressure
Every person's blood pressure changes several times in a day. But having very little or high blood pressure is fatal. The low blood pressure cannot provide oxygen and nutrient to the tissues.

High Blood Pressure:

Lemon: Squeeze half lemon in one glass lukewarm water and drink it in morning. You can also drink one glass lemonade after meal. Lemon makes blood vessels soft.

Garlic: Eat raw garlic with salad or vegetable. Garlic stimulate the production of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide and relax the blood vessels.

Banana: It is the good source of potassium. It reduces the effect of sodium. It helps to control blood pressure. One should eat one or two banana daily.

Coconut Water: It helps in reducing systolic pressure. Drink a coconut water in the day. It is more beneficial if you drink it in morning with empty stomach.

Low Blood Pressure:

    •    Drink one cup sweet potato juice twice in a day. It is the best remedy for low blood pressure.

    •    Put 32 raisins in pottery. Fill the vessel full with water. Chew one piece in every morning with empty stomach. You can also drink it water.

    •    Take 10-15 leaves of basil and extract its juice. Eat it with one teaspoon honey with empty stomach.

    •    Soak 7 almonds for overnight. Grind it by removing its peel and boil it in milk for a while. Drink it lukewarm.

    •    Coffer is also beneficial in low blood pressure. It rapidly increase blood pressure. However, high blood pressure should avoid drinking coffee.

    •    Dehydration occurs due to low blood pressure. Therefore, one should drink enough amount of water.

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