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7 Food Which have more Iron Than Meat - Ayurveda Upay

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Food Which have more Iron Than Meat
Iron is very necessary for body. The iron deficiency creates many heath problem. Iron is necessary for proper function of body and mind.

Spinach: 100 gm spinach contains 2.7 gm iron. You can include it in vegetable. You can also include it in salad.

Masur Lentil: It has good amount of protein and iron. One cup cooked masur lentil has 6.6 gm iron. It also has 50% fiber that required during a day.

Pumpkin, Linseed and Sesame: You can eat sesame, linseed and pumpkin seeds to avoid deficit of iron. It has good amount of iron. They are good source of protein, fiber, vitamin and anti-oxidants.

Mushroom: Some variety of mushroom has high amount of iron. Oyster mushroom has high amount of iron.

Kidney Beans: Kidney beans which is known as Rajma has enough amount of iron. One cup kidney beans contains 4 mg iron. It also has good amount of protein.

Oats: Oats has iron as well as other nutrients. It keeps your stomach full for long time. It is beneficial to reduce weight.

Dark Chocolate: 28 gm dark chocolate contains 2-3 mg iron. You can fulfill shortage of iron by having small amount of dark chocolate.

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