Saturday, June 16, 2018

Eat this Fruits Seeds to Improve Your Health

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Fruits Seeds
Fruits are beneficial for health. It provides necessary vitamins and other nutrients to the body. There are several benefits of having seeds of fruit.

Mango: The mango seed is beneficial to avoid stomach problem. It is also beneficial in menstrual. Dry the mango seed and prepare its powder. Take 1 or ½ teaspoon in morning with water. Do not intake it if you are suffering with constipation.

Watermelon: Its seed are cold and nutritious. It is beneficial for pregnant women whose weight is less. Take 2 teaspoon seeds with water or milk. You can also eat fry seed. Do not eat it in constipation.

Custard Apple: Its seed are beneficial. Its seed helps to fight against disease. It controls cancer and diabetes. It is natural anti-oxidant. It high amount of vitamin C. vitamin C gives strength to the body. It is also good source of energy. Custard apple seed avoids anemia and controls sugar.

Musk Melon: Its seed are beneficial for those who get less urine or irritation. Musk melon seeds are extremely beneficial for kidney patient. Take 2 teaspoon seeds with water or milk. However, people who get frequent urination they should avoid this seed.

Jackfruit: Its seed are nutritious and helpful to increase weight. Soaked 5-6 seeds in water for overnight. Chew it in morning with empty stomach. You can also intake with milk. People who suffers with indigestion they should avoid it.

Pomegranate: Its seed are beneficial for health. It is beneficial to reduce weight.

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