Monday, May 28, 2018

Tomato Helps To Keep Your Skin Fresh - Check out How - Home Remedies

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In summer, people face sun tanning problem. There are various creams in the market that avoids sun tanning. Sun tanning can be avoided through tomato. There are several benefits of applying tomato on face.
Tomato on skin

  • Tomato controls oil skin. This helps in sun burn.

  • Tomato cleans the skin very properly. One should use tomato when he come home from outside.

  • The market products contain chemicals. In this case, we can use tomato as face pack.

  • Tomato is very beneficial for oily skin. However, dry skin patient or allergy patient should avoid using tomato.

  • Tomato should be used with cucumber or papaya. This gives fairness to the skin.

  • Grind few tomatoes and mix few oatmeal and one teaspoon yogurt. Apply this paste on your neck and face.

  • Wash it with cold water after 5 minutes. You can see the difference on face. Do this remedy everyday in summer.

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