Monday, May 7, 2018

Amazing Health Benefits of Soaked Fig

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Fig has enough amount of copper, Sulphur and chlorine. Fig also had good amount of vitamin A, B and C. Dry fig has more sugar and alkali compared to fresh fig. therefore it is considered more beneficial. Soaked 3-5 fig in water for overnight. Boil this water in morning and then drink it. Chew the remaining fig.

Soaked Fig

    •    Fig has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This avoids heart diseases.

    •    Fig has calcium. This strengthens the bones.

    •    Fig has potassium that controls blood sugar level in the body.

    •    Fig increases power. Fig also avoids aging.

    •    Fig has high amount of fiber. It works as natural medicine.

    •    People who suffer with constipation from long time they should include fig in their diet. Fresh and dry fig is extremely beneficial in constipation.

    •    Eat fresh fig with peel. Because its peels has high amount of fiber. Therefore, one should eat 2 figs before bed.

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