Wednesday, May 9, 2018

7 Amazing Benefits Of Red Chili

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Red Chili
Red pepper is an important part of Indian food and spices. These red peppers, which look beautiful and colorful, always remain on the target of many health experts and dieticians, due to which many misconceptions have settled in the minds of the people.

•    In the stomachache, indigestion, gas, it relaxes immediately after taking a pinch with the saunth.

•    People do not consider red pepper healthy for health. However, a research has shown that red pepper helps to burn the calorie in the body. This reduces obesity.

•    In typhoid, red pepper seeds with honey give relief.

•    Grind the red pepper in oil. It is beneficial to avoid seasonal skin problem.

•    Grind the red pepper in water. Apply this on scorpion bites gives instant relief.

•    Grind the red pepper in water. Put few drops in eat where you get pain on tooth. It gives instant relief. However, do not put if you have infection or problem in ear.

•    Apply red pepper with water on the spot of bite dog. This removes bad blood and germs.

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