Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds - Khas Khas's Health Benefits

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Khashkhash is the white seed. It is not only tasty but also healthy. It is used in many vegetables. There are other uses of Khashkhash. It contains omega-6 and fatty acid, protein and fiber. It also has phytochemicals, vitamin B, calcium and manganese. Drink 1 glass milk with 1 teaspoon Khashkhash in morning or night.

* The seeds of Khashkhash are known for cooling effect. This reduces the body temperature. The consumption of Khashkhash with water reduces body temperature. It is the best medicine in summer.

* Khashkhash contains omega 3 fatty acid that helps to reduce weight. One should eat few seed daily.

* Opium alkaloids found in it can remove all types of pain. Especially with its use, the muscles pen is removed.

* It reduces cough and relieves respiratory problems. For long-term use, respiratory disease is completely cured.

* Drink hot milk with Khashkhash before bed. This gives good sleep.

* Khashkhash is the good source of fiber. This is beneficial in constipation.

* Khashkhash contains alkaloids that soaked the additional calcium and avoids kidney stone.

* Khashkhash gives relief from depression.

* Mix Khashkhash in milk and apply it on face. This works as a face pack. It gives moisture and shining to the skin.

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