Saturday, May 5, 2018

Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber (kakdi)

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Cucumber is good source of fibers and water. It has enough amount of iodine. This avoids many diseases. Cucumber is healthy and avoids many diseases. Cucumber contains calcium, phosphorous, sodium and magnesium. The consumption of cucumber avoids dehydration.

    •    Those who get more thrust in summer they get relief by having cucumber in summer.

    •    Cucumber has potassium, which is extremely beneficial for high blood pressure patient.

    •    Cucumber is also beneficial to avoid urine irritation.

    •    The consumption of cucumber controls sugar level.

    •    Cucumber has good amount of fibers. This avoids indigestion. You can eat cucumber when you get stomach pain after having too much meal.

    •    Cucumber seeds are beneficial to avoid heat of mind. The consumption of cucumber avoids irritability and depression.

    •    Cucumber has good amount of silicon and Sulphur. It is beneficial to increase the length of hair. Therefore, cucumber is the tonic of hair.

    •    Keep slice of cucumber on eyes. This avoids fatigue and irritation of eyes. You can keep thin slice of cucumber on eyes.

    •    It is beneficial to eat grind cucumber seeds with water. This avoids stone problem.

    •    Put few drops of cucumber juice in eyes. This avoids irritation of eyes.

    •    The regular consumption of cucumber avoids teeth and gum problem. This strengthens the teeth and gums.

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