Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Unknown Health Benefits of Dried Plums

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In summer, many juicy fruits are available. Many people like to eat dried plum. It is not only tasty but also it is full of vitamin and minerals. Dried plum is the good source of fiber. Therefore, it is beneficial to reduce weight. Dried plum has high amount of potassium that controls blood pressure. Dried plum has anti-oxidants that avoids blood clotting, cholesterol in the body.

Unknown Health Benefits of Dried Plums

Dried Plums
Weight: In recent research has shown that obese people has reduces 2 kg weighty by having dried plum for 12 weeks. Plum is good source of energy. It is not easily digestible and fill our stomach for long time. It is good source of soluble fiber therefore, it helps to reduce weight.

Heart Disease: Dried plum has phytochemicals therefore it works as powerful anti-oxidants. It removes the dry arteries and makes heart healthy. It is good for heart as it has high fiber.

Diabetes: Dried plum has high fiber, fructose and sorbitol elements. This doesn’t increase blood sugar level. It contains soluble fiber that helps to increase insulin. Dried plum is beneficial to avoid type 2 diabetes.

Osteoporosis: Dried plum is the good source of boron. This improves bones. Dried plum gives necessary nutrients to the bones.

Hypertension: Dried plum contains high potassium that regulates blood pressure. 100 gram plum contains 745 mg potassium. The consumption of dried plum controls blood pressure.

Digestion: Dried plum is beneficial in constipation and digestive problem. This increase the good bacterial in big intestine.

Cholesterol: Dried plum has fiber that prevents bile acid and removes it from the body. Liver removes cholesterol from the blood and increase bile acid. This activity helps to controls cholesterol in blood.

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