Saturday, April 28, 2018

Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Khus Khus Juice

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In summer, people drink different types of juice. It is necessary to keep our body cool in summer. 

Drinking Khus Khus Juice
Do not forget to keep your body hydrated. One can use many drinks along with water. Khus juice is prepared from the root of the Khus plant. This reduces the fever. 

If the body's water is reduced due to perspiration, then it also cures its deficiency. Due to cold stirring, the use of Khus is done in summer to make khus juice. 

Thirsty is quenched by drinking this juice, body irritation, eruption in the brain and body, and heat stroke in the summer is removed.

Blood Circulation: Khus has high amount of iron, manganese and vitamin B6. Iron improves blood circulation. Manganese balances the blood pressure.

Eyes: Khus juice is cool. Khus has zinc that reduces the redness of eyes. If you have redness in your eyes, then drink a glass of khus juice. The redness of the eyes occurs only when it is hot.

Thrust: Drink one glass khus juice if you are getting too much sweat in summer. This drink has such element that gives coolness to the body. It is also beneficial to mix lemon juice in it.

Anti-oxidant: Khus has high amount of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants not only increase immunity but also protect the organ and tissue from free radicals.

Water: It is necessary to keep body hydrated in summer. If you drink khus juice then your body always remains hydrated.

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