Thursday, April 19, 2018

Top #6 Health Benefits Of Clove Water

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In India, Clove is used as spices, mouth freshener and one type of medicine. In Ayurveda, it is used for throat, lungs, teeth and sex related problems. Clove is also beneficial in vomiting, stomach problem, stress, Parkinson and body pain.

Health Benefits Of Clove Water

Clove Water
Method: Keep 5 cloves in one glass hot water in morning. Filter it at night before drinking.

Time: Drink this water in morning. It has no side effects therefore, you can always drink it.


    •    Clove water removes depression. It is beneficial in depression, stress and sleep problem.

    •    Clove water cool the nerves. It is beneficial in Parkinson or shivering problem.

    •    Clove water improves digestion problem. It is beneficial in vomiting, morning sickness and motions sickness.

    •    Clove water is beneficial in premature ejaculation.

    •    Clove water is panacea for throat infection.

    •    Clove water avoids teeth problem. It also removes moth odor.

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