Friday, April 20, 2018

Top #8 Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

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In summer, a one glass sugarcane juice gives good health and avoids diseases. Sugarcane juice is beneficial in anemia, jaundice and vomiting. It has mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidants. One glass sugarcane juice has 180 calories, which is considered very low. It is beneficial to drink sugarcane juice with lemon and salt.

Top #8 Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice
Pimples: The regular consumption of sugarcane juice avoids pimples. You can also apply its mask on face. You should mix multani mud in it. Apply it on neck and face. Keep this mask for 20 minutes on face and remove it with wet towel.

Energy: Sugarcane juice gives instant energy. It keeps us fresh as well as healthy.

Jaundice: Mix lemon and salt in sugarcane juice. Drink it twice in a day to avoid jaundice.

Diabetes: If you are diabetic patient then you can drink sugarcane juice as it balances the blood glucose. It does not have harmful sugar.

Cancer: The sugarcane has alkaline property that gives protection from cancer. It is beneficial in prostate, stomach, lung and breast cancer.

Vomiting: Drink sugarcane juice if you are suffering with vomiting due to heat. You can mix 2 teaspoon honey. This gives relief from vomiting.

Urine: The sugarcane juice is beneficial to avoid irritation in urine. It also avoids urine related problems.

Weight: It is sweet however, it is fat less. Sugarcane juice reduces bad cholesterol from the body. It is full of soluble fiber, which is helpful to reduce weight.

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