Monday, April 23, 2018

Garlic Milk - Check out Health Benefits of Garlic Milk

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Garlic Milk
According to ayurveda, garlic milk avoids seven types of problem. There are no side effects of it. Take one glass lukewarm milk and mix three teaspoon water in it. Grind five garlic and mix it in milk. Drink this milk before bed. You can also mix honey in it.

Constipation: This milk improves the bowel movement. This makes stool soft at night. This avoids constipation.

High Cholesterol: This milk reduces high cholesterol. This milk broaden the blood cells. This dissolves the cholesterol and reduces the risk of high cholesterol.

Gas & Acidity: This milk produces healthy and digestive juice. It avoids indigestion, acidity and gas problem.

Migration: This milk also avoids migraine. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that avoid pain.

Sex Power: This milk increase the sex power of men. It is also beneficial in premature ejaculation.

Aging: This Ayurvedic remedy makes new body tissues and cells. This protects the early ageing of cells.

Joint Pain: This milk is extremely beneficial for joint pain. Milk and garlic has the quality to avoid inflammation and irritation. This milk avoids inflammation and pain.

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