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List of Foods To Avoid for Stomach Ulcer Patients

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Stomach ulcer is known as peptic ulcer. It occurs on above the small intestine. It is formed when the food digestive acid begins to damage the stomach or intestinal walls. Peptic ulcer is in the stomach or duodenal. It is of two types, first gastric ulcer and second duodenal ulcer. 
Stomach Ulcer

When there is laceration, stomach ache, irritation, vomiting and blood bleeding along with it occurs. After a while, it also bursts on ulcers. This is called performance. Due to ulcer, stomach burn, tooth ache and pain etc. occurs. If you keep your stomach empty for several hours after eating the meal then you can get this pain. 

This pain is more in the night and in the morning. This pain stays for several minutes and lasts for several hours. The symptoms of stomach ulcer are nausea, vomiting, not feeling hungry and lose weight.

Coffee: The consumption of caffeine increase acid level in the body. Therefore, stomach ulcer patient should avoid coffee. This improves health.

Spicy Food: Many researches have shown that spicy food increase stomach ulcer. This also increases irritation in stomach. Therefore, one should avoid spicy food.

Baked Food:
It has high amount of Trans fat. This increases acid in stomach. This also creates irritation in stomach.

White Bread: This is the food which also increase stomach ulcer. One should avoid having white bread during stomach ulcer.

Read Meat: Stomach ulcer patient should avoid read meat. It has high amount of fat and protein. This keeps stomach full for long time. It also increases acid in stomach.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol may create stomach ulcer. However, it would be like position for those who has already suffered with stomach ulcer. Drinking alcohol affects digestive system and increase acid level.

Dairy Product: It is full of fat. You should completely avoid it or use fewer amounts. This increases ulcer in stomach.

Rice, Wheat & Rotti: They are full of starch. It should be completely avoided. It is difficult digest. It also increase acid amount in the body.

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