Sunday, April 8, 2018

8 Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

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The improper care of hair makes it dry and dandruff. In this case, hair fall occurs and men become bald. Sometimes, the problem so much increase that requires medical treatment. Some wrong habits also impact on hair.

8 Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair

Damage Your Hair
Chemicals: Hair spray contains chemical. The more use of it creates baldness.

Hair Styling Machine: The regular use of hair dryer and hair cling machine affects the hair. The hair fall increase and it becomes dry.

Hygiene: Men should wash their hair with at least three times in a week with shampoo. The dirt deposited in the hair if they do not wash hair. This creates dandruff problem.

Comb: There would be moisture in the scalp after bath. If we comb our hair immediately after bath then hair breaks. This creates baldness.

Over Washing: It is beneficial to wash hair for 2-3 minutes. If we wash our hair more than 2-3 minutes then hair root becomes weak and hair fall occurs.

Stress: The stress increase cortisol hormone in the body. This makes hair root weak and hair fall occurs.

Diet: Vitamins, minerals and protein is require for hair growth. The high intake of junk food does not provide nutrients. This increase hair fall.

Oil: The more hair oil closes the pores of the hair skin. This impacts on hair and hair fall occurs.

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