Sunday, March 4, 2018

If You Are Facing These 5 Problems Do Not Take Turmeric Milk

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Turmeric milk is considered healthy. People first recommend the use of turmeric milk in pain and coughing. But this turmeric milk can damage the benefits. Turmeric is hot and it has the property of diluting blood. 

Turmeric Milk
So not everyone should take it. Especially those people whose body remains warm or have problems with nose bleeding or Piles. It boost bleeding. Turmeric milk damage stomach patient.

Those who are suffering with gall bladder stone they should avoid turmeric and turmeric milk. The high consumption of turmeric milk may increase gallbladder problem.

Many people intake medicines to avoid blood clot. Turmeric milk is harmful for them. Turmeric has such properties that make blood thin.

Turmeric is hot. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid during pregnancy. This also increase bleeding during pregnancy.

Turmeric milk creates problem in acidity and gas problem. They should avoid turmeric milk.

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