Thursday, March 22, 2018

List of Night Food for Weight Loss - Home Remedies

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Night Food for Weight Loss
There are several foods, which reduces weight. They are low calorie food. They do not have more than 200 calories.

Gram Flour: One can eat one gram flour chilla at night. You can mix vegetables and salad in it. It fills your stomach and controls your weight.

Fried Daliya: Eat two tablespoon daliya with vegetables, cucumber and tomato. You can eat one full bowl. This food is easy to digest and reduce weight.

Murmura & Salad: One can eat mixture of one tablespoon murmura with capsicum, carrot, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, black pepper and lemon.

Vegetable Soup: Prepare the favorite vegetable soup and mix lentils in it. You should drink one bowl vegetable soup.

Yogurt & Fruits: Eat one cup yogurt with banana, papaya, pomegranate or any other fruit. However, do not mix sugar in it.

Potato Salad: Take one big boil tomato. Mix nuts, cashew, almond and walnut in it. You can also mix vegetable in it. You can eat one big bowl of it.

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