Tuesday, March 20, 2018

List of Food Habits That Increases Brain Damage Risk

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During a day, we make many mistakes that affects our mind. This weaken the memory power, damage the brain tissues or Alzheimer problem. Our brain cannot work properly.

Brain Damage Risk
Sleep: The brain function affects if you do not take sleep for 7 hours. The brain function becomes disturb and impacts on brain.

Time: People who leave alone they face Alzheimer problem. This impacts on brain.

Junk Food: Junk food contains MCG additive. This affects neuron receptors of the brain. The high consumption of junk food creates confusion, headache and vomiting.

High Sound: Listening songs on fast sound on headphones or earphones has a bad effect on brain tissue. It can also cause Alzheimer’s problem.

Smoking: Many harmful chemicals releases during smoking. This makes blood thick therefore, blood supply reduces in brain. This might create problem.

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