Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Home Remedies for Migraine diseases

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Nowadays, migraine problem is very common. Every third person is suffering with migraine. Many people face dizziness or vomiting during it.

Massage: One should do oil massage when you get little pain. Make the mustard oil lukewarm or take ghee and apply it on skin of the face. This gives relief in pain and avoids vomiting.

Light: Light affects eyes in migraine. In this case, you should sit in light room and do massage. This gives relief. You can also apply oil on ear. This gives relaxation.

Bath: It is beneficial to take shower with lukewarm water. This avoids headache quickly.

Lavender Oil: Women can put lavender oil in bathing water. This gives relief.

Ice: You can take ice massage during headache. This gives relief. Keep ice pack or aloe vera pack at home. However, one should use fewer medicines.

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