Monday, March 26, 2018

#4 Health Benefits Of Mosambi Juice - Ayurvedic Upay

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Orange juice can be drink in any season. However, people drink it more in summer. Orange juice contains vitamin C and potassium, zinc, calcium, fiber. It also contains copper and iron. 

#4 Health Benefits Of Mosambi Juice - Ayurvedic Upay

Mosambi Juice
Orange juice has low amount of calorie and fat. Orange juice is beneficial in stomach problem, skin disease and joint pain.

Constipation: Orange contains fibers and flavonoids therefore, it is very beneficial for stomach patient. It has high amount of fiber, which is beneficial in constipation. One can also put salt in juice.

Heart Disease: Orange contains fibers, pectin, vitamin C and other nutrients. They reduces cholesterol level. This gives relief from heart disease.

Weight: Orange is very beneficial to reduce weight. One can use orange juice with honey.

Joint Pain: Orange is beneficial in joint pain. It contains vitamin C that avoids damage of cartilage.

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