Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eat These 5 Food Items Before Sleep

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Unclear stomach is very common problem. People like to eat junk and spicy food. Also, their routine is not right. There is no fix time for sleep or wake up. This creates constipation.

Eat These 5 Food Items Before Sleep

Food Items Before Sleep
Fig: Eat 2 fig before bed. This cleans your stomach easily in the morning. Fig has high amount of fiber. This works as an natural remedy. Those who have chronic constipation they should eat fig. Fresh fig is beneficial in constipation.

Saunf: It removes constipation because it increase the movement of digestive system. Fry the 1 cup soaked saunf. Then grind it and keep it in one bottle. Daily intake half teaspoon before bed.

Linseed: Eat 2-3 teaspoon linseed seeds with water before bed. This cleans the stomach in the morning. Linseed has high amount of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. This is beneficial to avoid serious constipation problem.

Castor: This stimulates the small and large intestine. This also improves the bowel movement. Drink 2 teaspoon castor oil with 1 cup milk before bed.

Isabgol: It is the best source of fiber in world. Drink 1 teaspoon isabgol with water before bed.

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