Thursday, March 8, 2018

Drink Jeera- Ginger Juice & Reduce Tummy Fat in 10 days

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Jeera- Ginger
Everyone suffers with increase weight and obesity. Especially female face belly fat issues. It is necessary to do exercise daily. Some measures can help to reduce belly fat.

Ginger Benefits: Every home has ginger and it is used as medicine in winter. Ginger contains anti-oxidants that increase the metabolism of the body. It also improves digestion system. It has thermogenic capability that controls the body temperature.

Cumin: It is very beneficial for health. It has high amount of iron, fiber and potassium. The daily consumption of it controls cholesterol level in the body.

Method: Take one teaspoon cumin or cumin powder and mix it in 500 ml water. Boil it until it remains half. Mix ginger in it and boil it. Mix cinnamon, cardamom and lemon juice. This improves the taste of drink. Daily drink this water at least for 10 days. Then do exercise for at least 45 minutes.

Help: The mixture of cumin and ginger improves metabolism of the body. This easily digests the food. This reduces the belly fat. This drink also controls the appetite.

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