Monday, March 5, 2018

Don't Eat THIS items if you have GAS Problem

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Many people face gastric problem. There are some foods that create gas in the stomach.

Cabbage: It is very difficult to digest and if you eat it at night then it creates gas, indigestion and other health problems for stomach.

Potato: If you’re suffering with flatulence and gastric problem then do not eat potato at night. It has high amount of starch and if you eat it with lentil then it affects more.

Cucumber: Many people fill that consumption of cucumber at night reduces the weight. But it creates gastric problem because it has plenty of water and fiber. This creates problem in indigestion and gas.

Watermelon: It has high amount of water and fiber, which is difficult to digest at night. It also has sugar that increase stomach.

Milk Products: It has sugar lactose, which is not easily digested. This increase gas and stomach problem. Some people suffer with diarrhea after drinking milk.

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