Saturday, February 24, 2018

You Should Know Jaggery Eating Benefits

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People know benefits of having jaggery in winter. If you eat jaggery before bed for 7 days then it is beneficial for health. According to Ayurveda, one should eat 20 gm jaggery after having meal. This keeps you healthy.

Skin: Having jaggery for 7 days makes skin clear and healthy because jaggery removes toxins from the body. Therefore, skin becomes shiny and the skin related problems removed.

Bones: The consumption of jaggery strengthens the bones. Jaggery has calcium and phosphorus that strengthens the bones.

Weakness: One should eat jaggery with milk to reduce weakness. Jaggery increases energy level in the body.

Gas & Acidity: If you eat little jaggery after having your dinner and before bed then you will get rid of gas and acidity problem.

Migraine & Normal Headache: The consumption of cow’s ghee with jaggery is beneficial to avoid migraine and normal headache. Eat 10 gm jaggery with 5 ml cow ghee before bed and with empty stomach in morning twice a day. You will get relief from migraine and headache.

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