Sunday, February 25, 2018

Use Water Remedy to Make Skin Healthy And Smooth

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Everybody knows the benefit of drinking water. But few people know about its remedy.

Use Water Remedy to Make Skin Healthy And Smooth

Skin Healthy And Smooth
Ginger Water: Mix a piece of ginger and water in one utensil and boil it. Cook it for 15 minutes. Use the water after filtering it. This water gives relief in pain occurs during period problem. It is also beneficial in stomach pain, indigestion, gas and vomiting. This water gives relief form joint pain and inflammation.

Rice Water: Keep rice in water for 3 hours. Now, boil it. Cook it for 30 minutes. Filter it when it became cool. You can use it on face as tonner. This makes skin smooth and healthy. It is also beneficial to increase shine of the hair.

Cucumber Water: Remove the pill of cucumber and boil it in water. Filter the water and use it. It is very beneficial for muscles. It also keeps skin healthy.

Rose Water: Keep fresh rose leaves and keep it in water. Keep water in it and put it on gas. When leaves become dry then filter the water. Rose water balances the PH level. It removes redness of the skin and pimples.

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