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List Of Calcium Rich Foods In Hindi

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Calcium is very necessary for our bones, muscles and teeth. It has such enzymes and hormones for which calcium is important.

List Of Calcium Rich Foods In Hindi

List Of Calcium Rich Foods In Hindi
Milk: It is the best source of calcium. One glass milk contains 300 gram calcium. Milk is necessary for tooth and bones. Milk products such as paneer and yogurt contains good amount of calcium. Yogurt prevents our body from infection.

Cheese: It is full of calcium. Therefore, you should eat it daily however intake in small amount. This might increase fat.

Yeast: It has high amount of calcium. This prevents the weaken bones.

Tomato: It has vitamin K and it is the good source of calcium. Therefore, daily include tomato in your diet. Tomato strengthens the bones and gives good amount of calcium.

Fig: It is the good source of calcium. The regular consumption of fig avoids bone related problem. Fig has phosphorus, which develops the bones.

Sesame: It has good amount of calcium, which contains protein as well.

Soyabean: It has similar amount of calcium. Therefore, it is known as substitute of milk. People who do not drink milk they should eat soyabean.

Orange & Amla: They are full of calcium. Its elements strengthen the bones and increase immune power.

Broccoli: It has good amount of calcium. It has other elements such as zinc, phosphorus, dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, choline, vitamin B1 and carotene in the form of vitamin A.

Green Vegetables: It is full of calcium and one should daily intake it. Green vegetables strengthen and develop the bones. This avoids cancer.

Sea Foods: It has good amount of calcium. It is very necessary for women.

Almond: It is the rich source of calcium. Almond sharpens the mind and strengthens the bones. It also keeps muscles healthy.

Kiwi, coconut, mango, nutmeg, pineapple and custard apple has good amount of calcium. Munakka, almond, watermelon seeds, pistachio and walnut has plenty amount of calcium. Cumin, clove, black pepper and celery has good amount of calcium. Rajma, moth, chickpeas and moong daal, millet, wheat and ragi are calcium rich foods.

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