Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dangers Of Taking Hot Water Bath

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In winter, most people bath with warm water. But if this water gets warmer than 32 degrees Celsius then it can damage the skin and hair. If you want to keep skin and hair healthy in winter then do not bath with hot water.

Dangers Of Taking Hot Water Bath

Hot Water Bath
Bathing with warm water can cause redness, rashes and allergic reactions.

Warm water makes skin dry. This increases the risk of skin infection.

Warm water impacts on hair. This reduces moisturizer from hair and it becomes rough and dry.

Warm water increases dryness of skin. This increases itching problem.

Bathing with warm water makes eye dry. This might create redness, itching and frequent water in eyes.

Warm water makes scalp dry. This might increases dandruff.

Warm water impacts on nails of health and hands. This might increases broken nails, infection and cut the skin of nails.

Warm water damages skin tissues. This increases wrinkles on the skin.

Warm water increases dandruff problem in hair. Dry hair may break. This might increases hair fall problem.

Warm water reduces moisture of the skin. This might reduces glow of the skin.

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