Monday, February 5, 2018

Avoid These Foods to Stop Hair Fall

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Stop Hair Fall
People believe hair fall occurs due to heredity. However, our food habits play an important for healthy hair.

Cake & Pastry: Cake and biscuit is made after refining the flour. It has high amount of sugar and low fiber. It is indirectly responsible for hair loss as it contains sugar that reduces the capacity of stress.

Dairy Products: Dairy products may be responsible for hair fall. The milk is pasteurized. This pasteurized milk blocks the pores. Therefore, hair becomes thin and hair fall occurs.

Fried Food: Avoid having high fatty food and hydrogenated oil. This increases mono saturated and saturated fatty testosterone level. This also increases DHT level and hair fall occurs.

Diet Soda & Cold Drinks: Carbonated drinks have acid. It also has high amount of sugar. This might increase baldness.

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