Friday, January 5, 2018

Foods That Can You Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

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Without Gaining Weight
There are some foods that cannot increase weight.

Banana: It has high amount of starch. It helps in weight loss management as body slowly digests the starch. This gives you a feeling of getting full stomach for a long time. Banana makes liver active for fat burning process.

Almond: Almond has low amount of calorie. It gives cessation of stomach. One feels full of stomach. Almond is a good source of fiber, vitamin E and mono and poly saturated. This makes healthy cholesterol in the body.

Apple: It has pectin which makes digestion slow. It gives instant feeling of full stomach. Apple is known as end natural hunger.

Broccoli: This vegetable gives instant feeling of full stomach. It also controls hunger. It reduces heat from the inside the body.

Spinach & Cabbage: Spinach, cabbage, celery and other leafy vegetables gives feeling of full stomach. It also has low amount of calorie.

Cucumber: Natural cucumber does not have artificial color and you can eat it more. This won’t increase your weight. It is low calorie food and it is good for teeth.

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