Monday, January 8, 2018

Don't Use These 5 Items On Face

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dont use it on face
We use a lot of things to make the face beautiful. But many times the use of the expert’s advice on the face becomes the cause of the problem. It can also cause skin to deteriorate and face black.

Vaseline is often used in winter. The skin follicles are closed by applying Vaseline on the face. Therefore, it should be placed on the ankles rather than on the face.

Baking soda is applied on the face. The more use of it makes mars and crack on the face.

Beer has been described as good for hair. But many people begin to apply on the face. This reduces the brightness of the face and the pimples start coming out.

Applying the mint on the face makes face red. But this also gives the scalp too early.

Acids are mixed in vinegar so it should not be applied on the direct face. If necessary, use it by mixing it in water.

People use toothpaste on pimples but after applying toothpaste the wrinkles begin to come.

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