Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bad Effects Of Eating Late At Night

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Eating Late At Night
Many people become habituated to eat late in the night. But doing this for long can be harmful for health. It has a bad effect on our body. It has been proved in research that those who eat after 8 o’clock, they get stress hormones. It has a bad effect on the whole body.

Weight: Having food late night creates triglycerides. This deposited extra fat in the body and weight increases.

Sleep: The late intake of food at night takes time to digest. This creates sleeping problem.

Stress: One gets sleep late night due to having food late night. Therefore, one cannot get sleep and stress increases.

Nutrients: Food cannot digest easily due to late night. In this case, body cannot get necessary nutrients from the food.

High BP: Late night food creates adrenaline stress hormone. This increases blood pressure of the body and one gets high BP.

Heart Disease: Late night food increases weight problem. This increase bad cholesterol level in the body and the risk of heart disease increases.

Indigestion: Late night food and immediate sleep does not digest the food. This creates indigestion problem.

Acidity: Late night food cannot digest easily. This creates more amount of acid in the body and one gets acidity problem.

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