Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Habits May Increase Your Risk Of Brain Damage

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Brain Damage
Throughout the day, we make many mistakes, which have a bad effect on our brain. In this case, memory strengthen is weak, brain tissue damage or problems like Alzheimer. Due to these mistakes are corrected at the right time, the mind can be kept healthy.

Sleep: Brain functions do not work properly because of not sleeping for at least 7 hours. At the same time, his ability to work is reduced. It has a bad effect on brain.

Junk Food: An addictive called MSG is added to junk food, which damaged the brain’s neuron receptors. The more amount of junk food creates confusion, headache and vomiting problem.

Fast Sound
: Continuing for several hours on headphone or earphones listening to songs on fast sound has a bad effect on brain tissue. It can also cause Alzheimer problem.

Smoking: During smoking, many harmful chemicals releases in the body. This makes blood thick. Therefore, blood supply reduces in the brain. This can cause problems.

More time alone: Alzheimer risk increases in people living alone. It has a bad effect on brain.

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