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Top 10 Winter Disease & Home Remedies - Ayurveda upay

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Winter Disease
While the winter season is considered a boon for health and beauty, there is some health problem when there is no caution. By trying some home remedies, these problems can be easily avoided.

Constipation is a problem in cold weather. This problem further increases due to digestive reasons. To avoid this, drink plenty of water in this reason. By eating cumin powder after the meal, the digestive tract will also be fine.

Many people have headache due to cold, which are not easily reduced. Knead the nutmeg in milk and apply it on the forehead. This will give a lot of relief in the headache.

Lip implantation is common amount skin in winter. Applying kokum oil on torn lips gives great relief. This makes the skin of the lips soft.

There is also a problem of bursting of bridges in the cold weather, which is called bursting of wives. If this happens then putting onion paste or grease on the ankles will get relief.

In winter, mucus gets accumulated in the chest and there is a lot of trouble when it happens. Eat fig for it. This will result in mucus and cough relief.

It is also common for a fever to occur when colds are high. To avoid this, it is beneficial to use celery powder three times a day. This will remove cold fever quickly.

Drink mint leaves tea in cough, cold and fever. It is beneficial to mix sugar in it.

With coughing more accumulation and increases asthma problems, it is possible to get relief quickly by drinking celery water.

The cold weather often complains of joint pain. To get rid of this, heat oil on the leaves of dhatura and heat it on the painful place. It provides relief in pain.

Put 3-4 garlic bud in the mustard oil and cook it in the winter and massage it. This oil massage provides relief in body pain.

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