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Side Effect of Having THIS Food in Extra Amount - Ayurveda Upay

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The food should be taken in proper amount. There are such foods that are beneficial if we eat it in fewer amounts. If we eat this food in high amount then it creates health problem.

Side Effect of Having THIS Food in Extra Amount - Ayurveda Upay

food to avoid in extra amount
Coconut Water: This keeps body hydrated and fresh. It gives energy and plenty of vitamin and nutrients. It is more beneficial if it is drinking in fewer amounts. If you drink it in more amounts then it increases sugar and potassium level in the body.

Tuna: It contains fatty acid, protein and omega 3. Therefore, it is beneficial for health. However, it contains methyl mercury therefore; the more consumption of it is not beneficial.

Red Meat: It contains vitamin, nutrients such as vitamin A, B, copper and iron. However, the high consumption of it creates neurological disturbance, michahlli. This weakens the bones.

Cinnamon: It is very good for health because it reduces blood sugar level and weight. Cinnamon contains chomerins, which may create cancer.

Milk: It is very beneficial. It strengthens calcium and vitamin D. The high consumption of milk weakens the bones.

Tomato: It provides vitamin, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and K. The high consumption of tomato creates pancreas problem.

Spinach: It has high amount of vitamin, fiber and protein. The high consumption of spinach may create kidney stone.

Banana: It contains fiber, potassium, minerals and other nutrients. The high consumption of banana increases potassium amount in the body. This creates hyperkalemia, nerve and heart related problem.

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