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List of Food to Build Strong Immune System

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The body constantly carries on the attacks of various types of diseases. These attacks can only be failing when to strengthen our body i.e. the strong resistance of our disease.

List of Food to Have Strong Immune System

Strong Immune System
Water: This is a natural medicine. By consuming plenty of pure water, many types of toxic elements are released from the body and the immune system increases. Water should be either at normal temperature or lukewarm water. Avoid intake of fridge water.

Juicy Fruits: Orange and seasonal juicy fruit contains plenty of mineral salts and vitamin C. They play an important role in increasing resistance. If you want eat whole fruits and if you like take out their juice and take it. Do not mix sugar or salt in juice.

Pied Fruit: It is beneficial to eat pied fruits in winter season. Soaking them overnight and taking tea or milk in the morning, taking half an hour before eating meal.

Sprouts: Eat plenty of spouts such as moong, moth, gram etc. Germination of grain increases the capacity of nutrients present in them. They are easy to digest, nutritious and delicious.

Salad: Use more salad in meal. It is necessary to eat salad to digest the food. Eat cucumber, tomato, radish, carrot, cabbage, onion and beetroot in salad. This natural food has enough amount of salt. Do not put salt on top.

Grains with Bran: Wheat, jowar, millet and corn includes bran. It will not lead to lead to constipation and the resistance remains healthy.

Tulsi: It has anti-biotic, painkillers and beneficial to increase resistance. Take 3-5 leaves of Tulsi every morning.

Yoga: Yoga and pranayama play an important role in keeping the body healthy and free of disease.

Laughing: Laughing improves blood circulation and take more oxygen. Laughing without stress helps in increasing the body’s immune system.

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