Tuesday, December 26, 2017

8 Different Types of Oil Which is Good Home Remedies

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Different Types of Oil
Linseed Oil: It has vitamin E. It is extremely beneficial for leprosy patients. It gives relief from burn by fire. Roast the linseed in goat’s milk and apply it on phode. It breaks easily.

Castro Oil: It is extremely beneficial in heart disease, old fever, stomach problem, secretion, air pollution, acidity, constipation and worm. It is appetizer and pubic stabilizer. It is beneficial in constipation. Mixing oil with the gram flour cleansed the skin.

Olive Oil: It is beneficial in cold, inflammation, paralysis, arthritis, worm and gout problem.

Coconut Oil: It has vitamin E. It is cold, sweet, heavy, receptive, bile killer and hair enhancer. Applying it in the hair causes the hair to become smooth, black and long.

Mustard Oil
: It contains vitamin A, B and E. It is hot. The mixture of mustard oil with salt is beneficial in toothache, pyorrhea. It strengthens the teeth.

Binola Oil: It consumes creates more milk in the breast. It is beneficial in abscess, bloating, itching, swelling, joint pain and arthritis.

Black Mustard Seeds Oil: It is beneficial in skin diseases. It is used in the same way as mustard oil.

Sesame Oil: It is extremely beneficial for health. It is sweet, subtle, astringent and enhancing power. Mix asafetida with warm sesame oil. It is beneficial in waist, joint pain and paralysis.

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