Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ayurveda Tips For Daily Life

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To remain healthy one has to follow many rules throughout the day. If we follow such things in daily life then many diseases can be avoided.

Ayurveda Tips For Daily Life

Take breath by blowing your lungs. This increases oxygen in the body. This also keeps lungs healthy.

Daily drink one or two glass lukewarm water. This improves digestion and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Daily take your breakfast between 7AM and 9AM. This keeps brain active and maintains energy level.

Daily eat meal at proper night. Take one type of food in meal. Do not mix multi things in food.

Do not drink water after 40 minutes of meal. This improves digestion.

Do not work hard or take bath after having meal.

Daily spend 30 minutes in sunlight. This gives vitamin D. This avoids pain and block.

Daily maintain posture during a day. This avoids back pain problem.

Daily take 8-9 hours sleep. You can use ventilation or exhaust fan in bedroom.

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