Tuesday, December 19, 2017

5 Natural Food To Improve Your Fertility And Stamina

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There are such natural things by which men and women can increase their stamina and fertility. Due to their regular eating, stamina and power increase.

5 Natural Food To Improve Your Fertility And Stamina

Celery: It also improves the mood with sex life. It has an endrosterone. It is considered to be better to increase the women’s stamina.

Kiwi: It contains vitamin C, which increases sex hormones and sperm count. Men and women should eat it. This increases stamina.

Spinach: There is a lot of folic acid in this green vegetable. This boosts sex hormones as well as sperm count.

Garlic: This improves blood circulation and flow in women and men’s sex organs. This increases power with stamina.

Strawberry: It is considered to be the best mood boosters. It is important for both men and women. Strawberry improves mood and stamina.

Brazilian Nuts: These tasty nuts avoid prostate cancer and keeps ova and sperm healthy.

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