Thursday, November 23, 2017

Health Benefits Of Amla Juice, Benefits Of Amle Ka Ras

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Amla has more vitamin C than orange. Apart from this, there are many nutrients in it that are beneficial for health. Make small pieces of amla. Grind the pieces and prepare its juice.

Health Benefits You Get After Drinking Amla Juice for 10 Days

Heart Problem: The consumption of amla juice reduces cholesterol. This is beneficial in avoiding heart problem.

Joint Pain: Amla juice has anti-inflammatory properties. It is beneficial in knee pain as well as joint pain.

Urine Problem
: Amla juice has diuretic properties. It is beneficial to avoid urine related problem.

Digestion: Amla juice has high amount of fiber. This improves digestion. It is effective in avoiding constipation.

Skin Problem
: The consumption of amla juice removes toxins from the body. This increases shine of the face. It is beneficial to make hair thick and black.

Weakness: Amla juice has high amount of vitamin C. It helps to avoid weakness. The consumption of amla juice gives instant energy.

Weight: The daily consumption of amla juice improves metabolism. This reduces weight.

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