Sunday, November 12, 2017

Five Reason Of Dark Complexion & Home Remedies

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Generally people believe that going into the sunlight increases the darkness. But not only from sunlight but also there are many other reasons for which the completion becomes dark.

Five Reason Of Dark Complexion & Home Remedies

Dark Complexion

Skin Disorder: Skin becomes thick and dark due to skin disorder. This increases roughness of skin.

: The skin becomes dull due to lack of vitamin A, C and B. This increases darkness.

Liver Problem: The negative impact of liver problem affects on skin cells. This increases darkness.

Hormonal Change
: Hormonal change effect on skin. This increases darkness.

Ultra Violet Rays
: The more heat affects complexion and it becomes dull.

Sweet Products: This increase blood sugar level therefore skin tissue such as collagen damages. This increases darkness.

White Bread: This increases insulin level. This increases oil production in skin. Therefore, darkness increases.

Spicy Food: This increase body temperature. The blood vessels spread and darkness increases.

Sea Food: It contains iodine that close the skin pores. Therefore, face color becomes dark.

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